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Saturday, January 21, 2006Stem Enhance - From Drug Abuse to Recovery this testimonial is about our 25 yr old son who began taking 4 capsules of StemEnhance a day starting on december 1st 2005. i thought he was malnourished.BUT... his physical, mental & emotional problems were really the result of 10 years of drug abuse. he used crystal meth, hallucinogenics, marijuana and others.late last fall i became alarmed with his serious physical changes - he couldn't hide it anymore. he was literally skin and bones, his hair was falling out, he had severe gum and teeth problems, the skin on his fingertips and toes were peeling off in layers down to the raw flesh. he slept so much - usually 14 to16 hours a day and then could go back to sleep again. most frightening of all, he began to have black outs when his body would tense up and he'd lose consciousness from 2 minutes to 2 hours.and there was so much rage, we had terrible arguments every day. his emotions were so raw and self esteem so low, i learned to tip toe around his violent mood swings and forced myself to look past the holes he punched in the doors and walls. i worried every time he left home...the amazing turn around for him was the STEM ENHANCE. i am convinced that is what restored him, rebalanced his body, mind & spirit. Stem Enhance was the only change made to his routine. within a few days of his taking the first capsules, he told me he was starting to feel better and more healthy - and i noticed that he was sleeping only about 8 hours instead of the 14-16 hours a night... THEN a couple weeks later he said that something was very odd... his body was no longer'craving' the drugs and his mind was feeling a sense of calmness and peace for the first time in years.more improvements continued over the following weeks, his tooth aches and gum pain subsided, the bathtub drain was not clogged up with his hair. after 3 years of peeling, the skin on his fingertips and toes are back to normal completely, he's gained weight - at 5'11" now weighs a healthier 167lbs. best of all, no more black outs! OH, Joy! we haven't had an argument in the last 6 weeks. nowadays, when he gets a bit grouchy, i joke to him... 'HEY, did you take your STEM ENHANCE today?' and he gives me a great big smile! a few weeks ago he started a new job that he enjoys. he shows up there on time - 6am in the morning and comes home afterwards to spend time with mom and dad. he's been a real joy to be around now. every day is a special gift, we have our precious son back!my whole family is on the STEM ENHANCE, each of us have found wonderful results ranging from less stress, improved heatlth, stamina, reduced aches and pains, and great night sleeps. my dad who suffers from dementia now actually initiates a conversation on his own, i even catch him laughing out loud while watching TV.i am very grateful for the results we got from the STEM ENHANCE !6 month update: YAHOO! we celebrated our son's wedding day - Monday July 3, 2006 with friends and family who came from far and wide to congratulate the newlyweds and wish them well. he continues to thrive and feels confident and more successful with each passing day. it's a 'happy ever after' dream come true for our entire family.

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