Thursday, January 8, 2009

Network Marketing & Wellness Industry

85% of those who retire will live the rest of their lives in poverty. 73% of Americans feel lack of money is their biggest stress. You deserve better! Network marketing is one of the few industries where people have built large income with low start up costs and even when they retire, the residual checks keep coming.

Paul Zane Pilzer has been called the most accurate Economist of our time and in his book "the Next Millionaires", he explains in detail why the 21st century will be known as the age of the entrepreneur, and why Network Marketing is your best vehicle. The wellness industry grosses 500 billion dollars a year and will grow to over one Trillion dollars a year in the next 5 years.

Aloe Vera used to be a little known product, just like StemEnhance TM is today. Network Marketing made it popular and people just like you achieved their financial dreams! The same thing could happen when StemEnhance TM becomes a household name.

Now is when Fortunes could be made as this company goes from small too Big. This is an opportunity that you should be investigating like you’ve never investigated before!

Spend time on this. Get the information you need. It's that important for your future! How to Make Money with the STEMTech Opportunity So how do you put yourself between StemEnhance TM and the millions of consumers who will be buying it for decades to come?

First we’d like to ask you this question. Knowing what you know now, if you could go back in time and put yourself between Microsoft and the people who are buying computers and software, would you want to? Of course you would! But was this so obvious early on? Or more to the point where you invited to participate..... Probably not.

So how do you put yourself between StemEnhance TM and the millions of consumers who will be buying it for decades to come? How do you make money by doing that and just how much can you make? Well, this time you can’t say you weren’t invited. This is your official invitation.

First, let’s talk about how you make money. With STEMTech Health Sciences You make the money that a traditional company would spend on marketing, advertising and distribution. It’s that simple. The company pays you instead of marketing and advertising firms. And you don’t have the usual headaches of running your own business. There’s no inventory, no employees and no rent.

When you get a JOB, you go to work for that company. But when you become a STEMTech distributor, the Company, Team StemTech, your sponsor and Wealth Builder System all go to work for you and combined, give you all the training, support and motivation you will ever need to reach all your goals.

By sharing StemEnhance TM with people, you get paid. And, as each of them tell others by finding customers and new members; you get paid on their efforts as will. This is a fair system because you found them and then you showed them how to do what you’re doing.

With a little consistent effort, your team can begin to grow exponentially by using all the tools like Wealth Builders System the coaching and support of Team Stem Tech and your sponsor. You’re paid according to the sales volume your group generates. People love how they feel on this product so your volume could compound each month earning you more and more.

You can earn income from people you never even met and from states and countries you have never been to. You can achieve your financial goals with STEMTech Health Sciences. You’re in the Right Place, at the Right time. The key is recognizing and taking action.
My wife and I are taking this product and can't believe how much it has done for us. Now go to are Wealth Builders System at fill in the information and the check all the different tabs, The Tour, Product, Pets, BMW, and the Science. Also check out STEMTech web page

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