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StemEnhance & You Newsletter April-May 09



This newsletter is a collaborated effort of Ray Mumme and Jacki Smith for our new customers, people looking at the product for the first time & our distributors as a way of educating you on our ground breaking new products StemEnhance® & StemFLO® as well as our pet products, and giving you new updates as they come about. We look forward to bringing you new information on a monthly schedule.



Hello Everyone,


My Name is Ray Mumme I have been in the Food & Beverage Industry and Sales since I finished with college in 1979. I have always been very active and played sports when I was younger. I continued to run and stay physically fit for many years. During that time I had multiple knee operations, and every time had to rehabilitate myself so that I could run again. Approximately four years ago I just gave up running due to the severe discomfort in my knees. Back in July of this year I was introduced to StemEnhance after a couple of weeks of doing my do diligence researching the product I decide to try the product. Mid August 08 the second week on the product things really started to change. I had no discomfort in my knees and was able to do short runs. Now I run four or five times a week and run about three to four miles each time. I have also started doing my sit ups again and the stair master along with my running. That's the physical, I also have more mental clarity, sleep better, have more energy, no congestion in my head or throat in the mornings when I wake up. Everyday I get up feeling like a kid. I don't get sick anymore at least not for the last seven months.


I have been drinking coffee since the age of six where I grew up in New Orleans. Before StemEnhance, I needed two to three cups to get me going in the morning. Most mornings I do not even make coffee now, I will have a cup just because it tastes so good, and because I have had at least a cup everyday for almost 46 years. When I decided to try StemEnhance seven months ago I just wanted to feel better, I had no desire to run or stop drinking coffee it just happened.        


My clients have also experienced some pretty amazing things with their health. One of the first questions I get about StemEnhance® is usually "How much do I take?" The label states take 2 capsules one to two times daily this is a good place to start for a healthy person. I learned at the convention I attended last month which was completely paid for by StemTech, that there is no limitation on how much anyone can take. AFA has been around for thousands of years with no side effects when taken orally. We know when you consume 2 capsules it triggers a 25 to 30% increase in the number of circulating stem cells, which is approx. 3 to 4 million additional stem cells. However, if you have health challenges you can increase, taking 2 more capsules as often as needed throughout the day. Remember this is only a concentrated green food... not a medication.


Scientist and author Christian Drapeau explains how the Stem Cell enhancers function to maximize human performance:"Supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow and increasing the number of circulating stem cells improves various aspects of human health. For very active and sports focused people, Stem Cells are the raw materials to repair micro-tears and micro-injuries created during training."  Click here to view StemSport website  


Everywhere you look these days you will find stem cells in the media, including press releases on a new book "The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal" by Christian Drapeau, MSc., Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder of STEMTech Health Sciences.


Scientific and medical research on Adult Stem Cell Function is virtually endless, click here to see the studies Type in stem cell and you will have access to more than 200,000 studies. Adult stem cell will yield 30,000+ papers. There are also studies on Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), the ingredient in Stem Enhance. This will include studies on cardiovascular health, and one from Sloan-Kettering Hospital & Royal Victoria Hospital on the increase by up to 40% in natural killer cells being released. The Peer Reviewed Reference Chart on Adult Stem Cell Therapy contains a list of conditions known to have shown benefit. Click here to review the list.

Some of the scientific facts from research are:
* Stem cells can form cartilage and bone
* Bone marrow stem cells can form liver, skin and digestive tract cells
* Bone marrow stem cells can contribute to repair of wound healing
* Stem cells participate in the re-generation of new neurons within the brain
* Mobilized stem cells have also been used in renewal of cardiac tissue


The recent advances in STEM CELL research were listed as one of the most significant health related stories in the past 25 years by CNN.


The National Institutes of Health defines a stem cell in this way: 

"Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. Serving as a sort of repair system for the body, they can theoretically divide without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell". 


We have a new Product coming to the market in the next week or so for the athlete, active bodied persons, or those who usually take both Stem Enhance and Stem Flo, it is called StemSport and it is a citrus flavor CHEWABLE so it will make it very easy for active persons while working out or playing to just chew them up and wash them down with water. Now while we are building muscle and breaking down the body with exercise or strenuous activity you can be rebuilding at the same time. Each chewable wafer will contain half a capsule of both SE and SF, the bottle count will be like getting a full bottle of each in a 120 count chewable.   


Here are two amazing testimonies of World Class Athletics I met with while in California.


In December '08, I raced the  100k Ice Marathon in Antarctica, only 5 days after racing a full marathon in Chile.  To my surprise, I ran the race in 18 hrs, 33 minutes, establishing a new female World Record time by nearly 3.5 hrs.  Moreover, I experienced minimal stiffness and was able to function normally the day after the race!  I have never run before with such success and the only thing I did differently this time is to add StemSPORT

- Dr. Pushpa Chandra, ND (Ultramarathon Runner) (Canada)

“I recently shattered the U.S. Outdoor record in the M65 mile, beating the old time by a whopping ten seconds. That old record had stood for 37 years! There are days on the track when I feel as good as I felt running for Villanova University - 45 years ago! My recovery time during training has been cut in half… and I hear the same thing from all of the competitors on the Senior circuit who are taking it. They wouldn’t train without it!”

- Frank Condon (World Class Runner)


  My StemSPORT Website  ~ Learn how StemSPORT can benefit athletes 


Ray Mumme with Frank Condon & Mark Parsekian at StemTech Convention '09



Ray Mumme with Dr. Pushpa Chandra, ND at StemTech Convention '09


Earlier this month I was able to coordinate a little bit of Deidre Pujols time so that she could share her story and that of her family and how StemEnhance has changed her whole family's life. Please feel free to dial into the recorded conference call. This is about a twenty minute call. First dial 641-715-3494 then the pin is 420574#.


Supporting the release of stem cells from the bone marrow is one of the key factors in optimizing our ability to maintain optimal health. More stem cells circulating in the blood equates to greater health. However, supporting the natural release of stem cells is only part of this equation. In order to fulfill their role, stem cells must be able to reach every corner of the body. To get there, they are carried through the body’s own transport mechanism responsible for the delivery of nutrients, oxygen and blood cells, the circulation system. Making sure this transport system is functioning to its fullest potential is critical to our body’s ability to maintain health.


StemFLO® is a blend of herbs and special nutrients that support the delivery of stem cells to the tissues by supporting optimal blood flow. Supporting optimal blood flow to every part of our body also helps deliver life-sustaining nutrients and oxygen to every organ and tissue, while removing detrimental toxins and wastes. Maintaining good circulatory health is paramount to helping our body perform at its best. The core message is simple, when blood flow is diminished or compromised, stem cells, nutrients, and oxygen cannot be delivered to areas where they are needed, preventing the maintenance of optimal health.



For those of you who are looking to become members and purchase at wholesale or for the new distributors who joined after April 1st, please view StemTech's new Stimulus Package where you can join and receive your product for free.  Click here to View the StemTech Stimulus Package


By combining both products with athletes the StemSPORT concept emerged. Just recently the Legends of Basketball, the National Basketball Retired Players Association's nickname, has chosen to feature the launch of a natural stem cell release product regime in their sports-celebrity gift bags at the Phoenix NBA All Star Weekend. Sports guru and STEMTech V.P. Heather Livingston said the NBA All Star Weekend venue for launching the sports Stem Cell Nutrition product is symbolic. "With StemSPORT we're empowering distributors to proactively impact the performance of all athletes, amateur and professional, by assisting in reducing muscle recovery time. What more visible start than with the Legends of Basketball?"


I have included links to several websites where you can learn more about the company or products, the FAQ will answer most questions or just share the links with your friends. I would love to have you join us on the "Ask Jacki Testimonial Call" on Thursday evenings. I am including links below to live and recorded calls you can listen in on. If you ever have a question, know that you can call or email anytime.


Wishing you the Best of Health, 


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